I’m “Tony” Runzhe Yang (杨闰哲), a scientist at SIG. I’m building x-Discovery.

I received my Ph.D. degree from Computer Science Department and Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University, advised by Prof. Sebastian Seung and Prof. Karthik Narasimhan. Previously, I did research at Cornell University, Google Brain and Flatiron Institute. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from ACM Honors Class, Zhiyuan College, SJTU.

What am I thinking?

As a researcher, I am enthusiastic about all kinds of puzzles about human and machine intelligence:

  • How can we mathematically represent the processes of learning and reasoning?
  • In what ways does complexity in structures give rise to intelligence?
  • What new paradigm should guide scientific inquiry in this AI era?
  • In what manner do diverse agents interact to intertwine ideas and unearth knowledge?

My research primarily focuses on Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience.