Extracurricular Projects

  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Books Translation
    I participate in the following book translation (to Chinese) led by Prof. Kai Yu:
    Yoshua Bengio, Learning Deep Architecture for AI. Chinese edition published
    Richard S. Sutton, Andrew G. Barto, Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction.
    Chinese edition published
  • Chess opening book for Yixin, the strongest Gomoku/Renju AI in the world
    Collaborated with Kai Sun and Tianyi Hao. Supported by the Supercomputer of SJTU.
  • Hybrid Intelligence Dialogue System +
    SpeechLab Project. Contribute on NLG module and Dialogue Manager module.
  • Baidu News Crawler
    Implemented in Python. A web crawler collecting financial news on Baidu News.
  • Multi-Photon Correlation Detector
    Imagine processing & data analysis for the Photonic Boson Sampling project.

Undergradute Course Projects

  • Hierarchical Neural Model for Recommending Articles +
    Machine Learning Coursework on Text Classification Challenge.
  • “MIPS32-cpu”: five-stage pipeline mips32 processor .
    Written in verilog. Summer Project of Computer Architecture Course.
  • Delving into Deep Learning Toolkits on Tone Classification +
    Compared Torch, Theano and Tensorflow on the Tone Recognition Task.
  • “Rz_compiler”: toy compiler for a Java-like language +
    Implemented in Java, completing both Front-end and Back-end design.
  • My AIs, won the top 5 in the Programming Course [Animal Chess ] and Practice and Principle and Practice of Computer Algorithms (Summer 2015) [Snake-Proj ].