Academic Talks

  • Thoughts on the Emergence of Language
    Presentation at Princeton NLP group journal club.
  • Deep Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning
    Student session talk on the 9th ACM-class Student Academic Festival (ASAF 2018) & the 2018 INS-ZY Student Conference.
  • Affordable On-line Dialogue Policy Learning
    Presentation at the 2018 SJTU Speech Lab Annual Academic Meeting.
  • Monitoring Eelgrass Wasting Disease Using Deep Learning & Crowd Wisdom
    Poster presentation at the 2017 CompSustNet NSF Site Visit.
  • Companion Teaching: Towards Affordable On-line Dialogue Policy Learning
    Student session talk on the 8th ACM-class Student Academic Festival (ASAF 2017).
  • Ideas sparked by Game Theory & Deep Learning
    “Expert student talk” on Game Theory course.
  • On-line Dialogue Policy Learning with Companion Teaching
    Poster presentation at the 15th European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics Conference (EACL 2017).
  • Value Iteration Network
    A 7-minute presentation in reading club of Deep Learning course.
  • Inverse Reinforcement Learning
    Presentation in CS professional seminar.
  • A Local Search Heuristic for Facility Location Problems
    Presentation on Approximation Algorithm course.
  • Automata Theory
    A tutorial in discussion class of Introduction to Computer Science course.